Front cage install

I hate myself for always wanting to complete a topic first before posting a new blog post about it! For months I have a lot of projects on the Z going on, but all of them are about 80% finished.

That’s why I’m forcing myself to write about the 80% finished front cage, and hopefully all the other 80% projects as well! ūüėÄ

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Rollbar fail and further plans

EDIT: Holy s*** guys! I just received a mail response from the Belgium distributor of my Safety Devices rear cage and he just told me that in fact I did it the right way to weld in the reinforcement plate from the inside! It was usual in the past to weld them from underneath the wheel well, but newer FIA regulations actually obligate to weld the reinforcement plates from the inside onto the floor or wheel wells, so the cage is in direct contact with the reinforcement plate!


Oh well. Again a terribly long break from the blog! I honestly had the feeling in the beginning that I’m working on too many little things that are not worth a blog post yet, and wanted to accumulate many little things for one post! After a while I realized that I actually had material for multiple posts, which again ended in procrastination regarding posting content, because I was a bit overwhelmed!

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