As with all sun damaged Zs the dash is in sad shape as well, sporting some hefty cracks. I’m going to try to restore the dash with the tips found online, hopefully the result will be pleasing!:)IMG_7916IMG_7914IMG_7917

But first I stripped the whole dash of all the components!IMG_7919IMG_7924IMG_7922

Speedometer will be changed to the proper way of measuring speed, kilometres per hour!;).IMG_7928

Completely striped dashboard, foam skin and metal structure underneath will only be separated during restoration, as the foam is brittle enough.IMG_7944IMG_7929

2 thoughts on “Dashboard

  1. jdmjunkies says:

    Thanks for the pics, i see the foaming is quite thin, i thought it was mor foam inbetween. hmm.. i guess justdashes.com will end up doing mine 😀


    • fabianspeth says:

      Romas from DCw told me that he actually restores their dashes with a layer if fibierglas! So it seems it’s the right way after all!;)
      He even thinks about writing up a how to! That would be brilliant!:)


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