Datsun 240Z 1972 project car

After months searching for the perfect base I finally found my dream car!

Even though I searched throughout Europe and started to think about importing one from the US myself, I found her just 200km away. Lucky me!

After quite the cold ride on my 1976 Honda CB 550 Café Racer one and a half months ago I arrived at the old barn where she sat for quite some time already. I liked her, a deal was made and am ‘now’ the proud owner of my own Fairlady!


I have to excuse the poor quality of the pictures, the future will bring better ones!

She’s a California import and has been imported in 2006, never registered in Germany however.

Structurally in great shape, no prior rust repairs and almost no rust. Up until now I only found a small hole in the drivers side door, a hole under the windshield and the battery tray has a tiny area under a square centimetre. I will however remove the sheet metal under the hatch to be thorough!

Also mechanically sound, the matching numbers L24 runs great as well as the 4 speed manual transmission.

The suspension components are shot, as one would expect. As well as every single piece of rubber and pretty much the whole interior which was in awful beige and has been covered with a blue bathroom rug as it seemed some time ago:D.

Bringing her home

Exactly one week later my parents joined me to get her back to my garage. Had to wash her thoroughly first however! And sadly the battery was shot after the ride home on the trailer, so we had to push her into her new home.



Previous owner and me







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