Engine bay cleanup

The first round of engine bay cleanup includes emission control and A/C removal.


Messy engine bay before

All the emissions control related items. The air pump is the biggest scam, pumping fresh air into the exhaust clearly reduces exhaust fumes…right.IMG_7902

All the A/C components removed. If anyone wants to restore it, I’m happy to sell it! Didn’t work in my car, but wasn’t charged anyway.IMG_7930IMG_7935

After a few recommendations in the Z forums I decided to get the Odyssey PC680 as a replacement battery, since the one which came with the car was shot, and the Odyssey is a extremely lightweight alternative. Starts the car without any problems. Planning to mount it under the passenger seat, hence the mention in the engine bay cleanup post!IMG_7867

Still a lot to do! The coolant reservoir has to go completely, or a better looking unit will be moved in front of the radiator support along with the coil. Planning to clean up the engine bay a lot, Taryns bay is the inspiration! Mechanical fuel pump will go as well, only a electrical one will be installed at the fuel tank. I want to reroute the fuel lines and plan to delete the return line. A new engine wiring harness has to be done. In the far future triple Webers are planned. Until now the SU carburetors will be restored. If anyone has tips for the engine bay clean up, I’m happy to hear them!


Still messy enough engine bay after


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