Exterior disasembly

Couldn’t leave the car left untouched for long and started with the exterior. Just as a side note, I try to combine work of the same topic within a post, doesn’t necessarily mean it was exactly done in that order!

At first I removed the cowl panel to clean up inside, as debris of who knows how many years collected inside them and was wet after I power washed her when I brought her home!IMG_7847IMG_7849

Next thing where the front and rear bumpers, as well as the side trim which wont get it’s way back onto the car and will be sold. So whoever is interested in the side trim, let me know!IMG_7872IMG_7878

Stripped both bumpers of the rubber as well as the vertical guards and the bar of the rear bumper. No pictures of the front bumper as of now.IMG_7942

The vertical guards and the bar will be sold.IMG_7941

I then stripped the front end and more and more of the unibody saw it’s first sunlight after quite some time I guess! All the metal is in great shape!:) Didn’t get the grill loose yet, two phillips head screws are still stuck, and don’t mind any form of penetrating oil I put on them yet. Heat and this ‘screw extrator’ which you hit with a hammer and it then turns in the loosening direction didn’t work either.IMG_7905IMG_7906

The rear had to shed some weight as well as the taillights and panel had to go. Some idiot routed a fuel vapor line through the wiring of the right taillight, so it still sits in the rear of the car.IMG_7883

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