Interior disassembly

The interior had to go as well! Most of it was shot, and in ugly beige anyway. The uglies part though was the blue bathroom carpet someone thought was pretty. The carpet itself was no longer there, but the remains where all over the place! So was the leftover glue on the original vinyl!IMG-20160417-WA0014IMG-20160417-WA0017IMG-20160417-WA0013

Together with the dash, the heater components as well as the air condition came out. A/C is for grabs, if someone wants to restore it. Have never seen it working myself.IMG_7933IMG_7930

Quite empty and roomy in here! Sounddeadening in the rear is out already, for the floorpans and tunnel I am going to get some dried ice! You can also see the right taillight still in there, as a fuel vapor line runs through it’s wiring like I mentioned in the exterior dissembly post.IMG_7912IMG_7913

Soon to be trash, going to keep it until I have new vinyls! Every bit of plastic is destroyed though.IMG_7901

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