Spare parts

There came some spare parts with the car, quite a lot of them have to be identified still! If you know anything about the following parts please share the information!:)

The most important thing I found, because ‘murica! đŸ˜€ It’s a California import, so there’s that!:)IMG_7885

Two rear strut sparesIMG_7884New clutch and clutch cover, haven’t found out if its for the 240Z yet.IMG_7887IMG_7886

‘New’ 280ZX Front rotors. Not sure if they are reusabel with the surface rust. And the 240Z doesn’t have vented discs originally, so they won’t work with the stock calipers. Not yet sure which brake setup I’ll be going with, because the car has to stay within the oldtimer registration restrictions in Germany, which says that modifications have to be period correct and can only be 10 years newer than the car. Not sure if thats ’72, or ’78 +10 for the whole S30 series.IMG_7889IMG_7888IMG_7903

Alternator Belt seems to be for the 240Z. And a spare inspection light, which doesn’t fit into the clean engine bay theme anyway.IMG_7895Correct rear crank shaft Seal?IMG_7894Correct release bearing?IMG_7893Clutch slave cylinder for the 240ZIMG_7892Crankshaft seal?IMG_7890Clutch spigot bushing IMG_7891

An array of gas struts for the hatch and all of them have differences compared to the original on the right which is totally shot. Not sure if any of them will work in the car.IMG_7897IMG_7898IMG_7899IMG_7900

Whoever can shed some light on some parts is very welcome!:)

And for nostalgia reasons; the original California blue plates!:)IMG_7896

4 thoughts on “Spare parts

  1. Achim says:

    Well, you could use the one with the angled joints the second from the left and just screw the to the sheetmetal from the original one. That would be one way…..
    I own a 240 myself and live not really far away from you in Ravensburg. So, if you want to drive one. I’m in the last steps of an suspension overhaul….


    • fabianspeth says:

      Hey Achim! Thanks for your input!:)
      I guess you meant the second from the right. That one does indeed have the most similarities. At the bottom end it has somewhat of the same L shaped bracket, which is in the zip lock bag in the picture.
      What I don’t like about that one is that it looks fairly cheap…:D

      Would love to see some pictures of it!:) I’m originally from Ăœberlingen!;)
      Do you know Dietmar from Ulm? He owns a “yellow” 240Z.


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