Engine and transmission removal

Finally a new blog post!:) Work on the car was a bit slow in the last three months, but far from no progress at all! The engine and transmission had to get out of the chassis.

Since it wasn’t economical to rent an engine hoist I acutally purchased one, even though I’m already running low on available space! At least I’ll be using it at least three times more on this car alone!

As the height of my garage wouldn’t be sufficient I dragged the car outside on the side of the road – an image very unfamiliar in Germany. Nobody works on their car on the streets here, and most cars are new, seeing a workshop regularly, anyway!


Had to jack the car in the front and back up and down to jiggle the engine and transmisison out in one piece!IMG_7984

And she’s free!IMG_7988IMG_7991

If you’re wondering why the gear knob is still on the transmission: It was glued in place because the threads where damaged. Didn’t know at the time and was wondering why it wont unscrew.

Engine and transmisson seperated and clutch, pressure plate and flywheel removed.IMG_7992IMG_7995Back in the garage on the engine stand!IMG_8017Empty in here!:)IMG_8003

2 thoughts on “Engine and transmission removal

    • fabianspeth says:

      Hey Nils!
      That’s what’s left of the original 115 color code! 🙂
      JDM Legends has also such a dark blue metallic like star road, don’t k ow if it’s actually 115 though…


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