Sound deadening removal and some bits and bobs

With the help of dry ice pellets I was able to remove a bunch of the sound deadening.

Didn’t work as great as hoped though! Had 2x 6,5kg, should hat opted for the 30kg package, which would have cost me the same in the long run. You always learn!

That’s what I started with:img_8011img_8013img_8031

The magic is happening!:) Always looks cool!img_8033

And what I was left with after the second attempt. Will use the heat gun method for the rest!img_8041

As a tip for someone whos going to atempt it themself in the future: pile the dry ice and isopropyl alcohol mixture/paste on the transmission tunnle as a big iceberg first, the vertical surfaces are the toughest and the dry ice will find its way onto the floor pan area anyway!


Along the days before I removed some other bits and pieces, like this snakey mess of a wiring harness!:)img_8010

Also wanted to share the exhaust setup I had, looks pretty cool with the stacked pipes, but it definetly has seen better days! Will be replaced with the beatiful stainless steel full race system from Zstory! Thanks to Sean ahead of time!:)img_8019img_8020

And whilst we’re at it, my whole set of trim pieces are for sale!¬†The end pieces for the long and middle pieces are here as well, one is missing though, has never been on the car as I purchased her!img_8026img_8030

2 thoughts on “Sound deadening removal and some bits and bobs

    • fabianspeth says:

      Really? Nothing stamped in as far as I have seen! I’m actually in the makes to sell it to someone who wants to replicate it. For quite a low price, you kinda startle me now if it’s actually rare and worth way more!?


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