Big new part and some rust “discoveries”

I just got a huuuge package from Belgium.

The rear cage from Safety Devices arrived well packaged! Thanks Frank!:)img_8170img_8172

Had to roughly put it in, need another hand and a ratched strap to get it into it’s “final” position and mock up all the support braces! Looks already great! Didn’t want to unwrap it yet though, to protect it as long as possible!:)img_8174

I really lucked out regarding rust problems on my shell, I always knew though that I should inspect the metal under the hatch closer and wanted to definetly remove it just to be sure! I sadly don’t have a proper before pic, but you can somewhat see that the metal was in great shape on first sight. Looked pretty much like that from side to side.img_8012

After I drilled out all the spotwelds (after way to many dulled out drill bits:/) I was able to lift it up and inspect the rust under it:img_8120img_8122img_8123img_8124img_8125img_8126It’s nothing too major, and will be fixed with e few patches, no need of a completely new piece! But still very happy I went this way!

The only other rust issue I have is under the windshield gasket! Already trimmed it out a bit, but didn’t finish yet. That’s what it looked before!img_8176

I hopefully soon find a good price on a middleclass welder, so I can tackle everything that has to be welded on the chasis. Mainly those little rust repairs, sidemarker delete and a bit of engine bay shaving. As well as the rear cage brackets and I plan on reinforcing the sway bar mounts up front and connecting the frame rails

Until next time!;)

2 thoughts on “Big new part and some rust “discoveries”

  1. jdmjunkies says:

    Cage is looking good, man. also the upper rear panel is not a big of a deal since it’s still available in OEM quality at MSA. Probably the only replica panel available for the Z that actually fits 🙂


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