Carburetor and inlet disassembly

Directly after I finished “disassembling” the engine I started on the carburetors. The plan is to clean them up optically as well as technically of course, rebuild them with new carb rebuild kits and yellow zinc plate all the screws, springs and linkages and so on.That’s what we’re dealing with “today”, you can still see all the plugged up holes from the EGR crap:img_8159First I disassembled the “balancing bridge”(?) and the first bit of throttle linkage.img_8161Then disconnected the carburetors from the inlet and removed the coolant lines. One of the heat insulating spacers wouldn’t come off. Does anyone know if the coolant lines are really necessary? Or just if you cold start in really cold weather to get the carburetors up to temperature? Seems odd to preheat the fuel/air mixture. Especially with a heat insulated spacer to avoid it… Or does it actually cool it and I’m all wrong!?:Dimg_8162

After the inlets were off I completely disassembled both SU carbs and the linkage and sorted it into two separated zip loc bags.img_8164img_8168

Until next time!:)

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