Engine disassembly

Right ahead on this one: I won’t fully disassemble the L24 engine. It ran great when I bought the car, no reason to fiddle with it, since I’m planning to build a performance L28 after the Z is finished but still am going to keep the L24 as a night stand or something (:D) because of the matching numbers, no reason to rebuild the L24. I will however check valve lash, but the head will stay on the block and it will only get a clean up and fresh coat of paint. Oilpan and valve cover will get a coat of black powdercoating, the latter one in wrinkle structure.

Without further ado, here we go:

This is what I started with:img_8017Keen eyes might have spotted the cracked area in the valve cover. If you have a spare and are located in Europe hit me up!:)

After I got rid of all the wiring and plumbing I removed the intake with the carburetors as well as the fuel lines.img_8127img_8129

Next to go was the exhaust manifold and I just took the upper coolant inlet with it:img_8130img_8131

I noticed somethin strange about the exhaust port on cylinder 1 or 6 (which is the furthes away from the cabin?). Had some weird deposit in it.img_8134As you can see, the other ports were perfectly normal.img_8135Same thing on the exhaust manifold as well:img_8138img_8137My worst idea was a coolant leak in the head gasket into the 1st or 6th cylinder, but I never saw white smoke from the car when I test drove it. Any ideas what it could be? And if it’s something to worry about?

I also checked the spark plugs for irregularities, but the spark plug from cyilinder 1 or 6, the one on the left, looks just like the others.img_8150img_8151

That’s as far as the engine is disassembled for now. Plan is to only remove the oilpan and valve cover for powder coating, but leave them on for now the protect the innerts of the engine for now. I also think a new waterpump was installed not long ago!img_8142

If anyone’s interested, the exhaust manifold and warm air inlet thingy are for sale as well as the fuel rail setup, I already ordered a full race stainless steel exhaust and manifold from Sean from Zstory!:)img_8144img_8145img_8146img_8148img_8154

Until next time!

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