Suspension removal and disassembly

As I said a post before I’m tossing the idea of completing a task till the very and and just update you guys on the progress so far!

The complete suspension components are removed quite long ago and most of it is alredy fully disassembled. Let’s get you up to speed!

I don’t have that many picutes, but you’ll geht the point. Here’s one of the front suspension still assembled to the car, already took the brakes of though.img_8038Aaand it’s out:img_8063img_8064

Also took a nice explosion view of the front suspension disassembled:img_8065img_8068

The rear suspension also dropped right out:img_8039Since the axles and hubs are not yet disassembled I didn’t take a picture of the dissassembly progress of the rear so far! Wasn’t able to geht the U-Joints out of the axle, and the spline in the hub was not willing to get out yet as well… Don’t really have the space for a press, but maybe the only option.

And ablaze! One picture of the old bushing removal at least!img_8069

Since I’ll be going with upgraded sway bars from suspension techniques the original front sway bar is for sale! Hit me up if you’re interested!:)img_8071img_8073

See you in the next post!;)

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