Trying to change things up a bit!

I might switch up things a bit here to get content out faster and more frequently!

Of course I didn’t take that long to come just as far as whats published on the blog! Until now I only wanted to post completed tasks. For example the suspension would only get a post until it is completely removed and disassembled into every tiny piece. Meaning every single nut and bolt as well as bushing/bearing removed.

But as things go, you end up at a dead end every once in a while and work on another area until appropriate tools arrived to complete the prior task for example. Over time many started but not yet finished small projects accumulated. So do the images, but no blog posts for it. Whilst the amount of small projects rose together with the images the motivation to write up new blog posts slowly decreased!

That’s why I’ll toss the idea to post only completed tasks and just get stuff out there! Maybe I will sort it in part 1, part 2 and so on, maybe it’ll be even less organized, but at least the images with a couple of words will be shared!:)

I also am planning to finally post into an English speaking forum soon, so I can actually get more feedback on things I end up getting stuck! Not sure which or how many yet! Suggestions are welcomed in the comments! Pretty surely, not sure about too yet.

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