Newest progress, parts and a “rolling chassis”!

Today’s blog update is about miscellaneous stuff and a “rolling chassis” at the end of the blog post!

I hassled for weeks with the rear spindles, they just did not wanted to come out… Heated the housings with a propane torch for several minutes and bashed on the spindle with a wooden hammer to not mangle the threads on the spindle. Just shortly before the spindle was out on the second housing the wooden hammer gave up!:D Was able to get the rest of the way out with the remainings of the hammer!:D

img_8199img_8200img_8201Already went an bought another bearing remover for the ones on the spindles, but haven’t tried it out yet! And I wasn’t able to get the bearings inside the housing  out yet.img_8203Drum Brake Calipers removed and partly disassembled.

I also removed the sleeve of the lower control arms of the front with a handsaw. img_8207img_8208And cut out the rusty areas. Already did some sheet metal  patches for the rusty aread as well as for the window mirror holes since I’ll be going with fender mirrors, forgot to take pictures yet though!img_8204img_8205img_8210And since I freshly got new Vogtland lowering springs in the mail and never posted about the other new parts I already acquired I wanted to take a group picture before i put everything back into boxes to store it for the next time! There are still some new parts I acquired not showed, I may post something about them in following posts!img_8214img_8218img_8220The majority of the time working on the car for the last times was for this bad boy. Also my first welding exercise! Now I can finally roll the chassis around and work on the body outside of the garage!:)img_8223img_8224img_8225I also took that chance to clean up the garage quite a bit and hung the dashboard on the wall, so its finally off the ground!img_8226img_8228

Let’s see how fast I’ll be getting the body ready for paint!:)

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