Door locking mechanics removal

Pretty much one of the last things to bolt off of the car, besides the door itself, were the door locking mechanics. Off they go!


And after with a pretty empty door!:)IMG_8477IMG_8347IMG_8348IMG_8476

I’m struggling with the mechanics themselves though! The plan ist to yellow zinc plate them, I’m not sure though how and if I should remove the plastic connecting clips! The plastic nut thingys on the door handle mechanics are off already!IMG_8442IMG_8446IMG_8443

Also not sure what to do with the inside handles, since they are not separatable, and the vinyl stuff seems to be glued on:IMG_8444

See you in the next post!;)

2 thoughts on “Door locking mechanics removal

  1. jdmjunkies says:

    My zinc plating company told me to remove the plastic befor replating it. They may survive the process, but the heat during the plating may make the old plastic even more brittle so it won’t survive long after that most possibly. Better to leave the internals (Just clean and regrease them)

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    • fabianspeth says:

      That’s why I was worried about it! But how do I romove those clips in the best possible way without breaking them? And there are many other parts on the Z where it’s just impossible to remove the plastic from the metal, like the dove tail catcher on the rear hatch if I recall the location of that part correctly!
      And do you meant to not zinc plate them at all, with your last sentence?


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