Welder upgrade, a visit and some odds and ends

The nozzle of my welder melted itself whilst I welded in the roll bar plates or brackets. Since replacement parts weren’t readily available I had an excuse to upgrade my welder with a 4m Euro mount welding gun! The original one was maybe 1,5-2m long, and a pain in the back. Had to put the welder into the car as I was welding in the roll bar plates because it was too short!

Here’s the original cable, the opening already has the correct holes for the Euro mount from the manufacture: IMG_8350All rewired, bolted in and the new welder gun already connected! IMG_8351It’s so much easier to weld with the new gun!:) Maybe I’ll take some pictures of the old gun and show them at a later point in time!IMG_8479

I also received a bearing puller a couple of weeks back and was finally able to remove the rear bearing from the shaft!IMG_8306IMG_8308

And I got a visit from a friend in his somewhat new to him Opel Kadett C!:)IMG_8364IMG_8361IMG_8360IMG_8362

See you in the next post!;)

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