Welding windshield sill, seat rail and mirror holes

Some more welding and repairs on the body!

In older posts I already talked about the rust repair area under the windshield gasket. Well now finally it’s welded in:IMG_8373IMG_8375After some spot welds I removed the zinc spray coat the reduce spatter and fully spot welded in the patch panel:IMG_8382And ground down all the welds:IMG_8462

I don’t have a before picture, but one hole on the drivers side seat rail was bent out of place and ripped open. I hammered it back in place and spot welded the split metal back together:IMG_8397And again grounded down:IMG_8465

Again forgot to take a before picture, but I made patches for the previous side mirror mounting holes, since I’ll be going with fender mirrors!

Spot welded in:IMG_8385After the first time grinding down the welds I had some pinholes I welded shut again:IMG_8399And now fully grounded down. Have to hammer and dolly the area a bit again:IMG_8461

See you in the next post!;)


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