Engine bay clean up A/C holes – welding

I already talked a lot about cleaning up the engine bay. Now it was time to actually weld all those for the future unnecessary holes shut!


After a lot of research I was able to figure out which holes on the left frame rail where for the vapor fuel line, and weren’t necessary for the future! Also ground down most of the welds, not yet perfectly finished though!IMG_8478

And to have a properly clean firewall the holes for the A/C had to go as well!

Before:IMG_8389IMG_8390New patches:IMG_8391And welded in! Once again to eager working on the car and forgot to take a picture before I started grinding down the welds!:D Also spot welded from both sides, as I’ve gotten the problem that not all the butt welds fully penetrate and would leave pinholes, this way it’ll look like seamless metal!:)

I also think the area where I did not continue the ridge turned out looking pretty factory looking!:)IMG_8392IMG_8393Fully ground down now! Bit too reflective for a proper picture…IMG_8460IMG_8470

See you in the next post!;)

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