Side marker holes front & rear

The front fenders were in storage in the cellar for quite some time now! Just brought them up, unpacked them and started to prep everything to weld in the side marker delete plates in the front!

Before prep:IMG_8403I started with the other fender first, since it was the last one I preped. Again I wasn’t to happy with the skillard delete plates, this time they where to wide and a lot of material had to be ground off. And no, I did not mistook the front with the rear ones, before you might think that way!:) But better to take some material off, than to bridge a huge gap trying to butt weld the plates in, as it was on the rear!IMG_8407IMG_8408As I slowly spot welded all the way around from the inside the outside looked like this. The plan all along was to spot weld from both sides, to get the new metal in as seamlessly as possible:IMG_8410With all the gaps filled from the outer side:IMG_8411And don’t forget the chrome trim holes on the fenders!:)IMG_8412After finished welding one fender I hung it on the car, haven’t seen her like that in a while!:)IMG_8413The other side was done the same way inside and outside, just a picture of the inside:IMG_8414And started to grind down the spot welds on the inside on both fenders:IMG_8434Now the finished grounded down fenders. They will need a bit of hammer and dolly work, maybe tinning it with body lead, before the painter will even do its filler magic.IMG_8435IMG_8436

I also did some work on the rear delete plates as well. As I told before, and you can see above, the spot welds didn’t always penetrate all the way through. As good as I was able to I spot welded from the inside, welding shut some pin holes which came through after grinding the outside welds flush, and als just add more strength to the patch. I also welded the holes on the left rear quarter they must’ve put in some time back to anker the body filler when they repaired it I guess.IMG_8473IMG_8474That’s what It looked from the outside afterwards. I still have to grind down the new spot welds again, trying the best I can on the inside as well, then some hammer and dolly work again. Especially on the whole left quarter, as I don’t want there to be as much body filler as it was before! IMG_8472IMG_8475

See you in the next post!;)

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