Front sway bar reinforcement

Since the front sway bar mounting area is prone to fatigue when using a bigger sway bar, which I am (suspension techniques), I reinforced the area with a 3mm thick piece of fresh metal!:)

What we’re working with before:IMG_8437CSD disk removed the old paint and rust quickly:IMG_8438Here are the new 3mm thick reinforcement plates:IMG_8440Coated them, as well as the frame rail, in a coat of zinc spray where both metals would overlap each other, to prevent any rust if water would find its way between the two!IMG_8454IMG_8455Bolted the plates onto the frame rails:IMG_8456Removed the zinc spray coat around the plate to prevent welding spatter:IMG_8459And welded them right in! Welding over head is a bitch! One side turned out quite pretty in cosmetical terms though, as I was able to have a better posture for it!:)IMG_8481That’s the prettiest weld I was able to achieve: BTW: I stitch welded the plates first, to reduce heat, to then fully seam weld the gaps, so less water could find its way between the two metals!IMG_8482The other side turned out the ugliest, but still everything is plenty strong!:)IMG_8483I still ground down the prone welds flat to the plate, so nothing would interfere with mounting the sway bar later on!IMG_8485And a coat of zinc spray to protect the metal for now!IMG_8486

See you in the next post, hopefully in the near future!;)

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