Front cage install

I hate myself for always wanting to complete a topic first before posting a new blog post about it! For months I have a lot of projects on the Z going on, but all of them are about 80% finished.

That’s why I’m forcing myself to write about the 80% finished front cage, and hopefully all the other 80% projects as well! 😀

Unpacking the goods!:) Back then it was still sunny and warm outside…freezing to death right now in the garage…_MG_8556

Those are the weld in plates the front part of the cage will be bolted to:_MG_8557

Cleaned up both sides where the welds will be_MG_8558_MG_8560

And zinc sprayed everything, to prevent rusting from the inside!_MG_8561_MG_8562

Tacked into place, after I removed the front cage assembly a couple of times to get everything in correct!_MG_8566_MG_8565

That’s why I said it’s only 80% finished, I still have to fully weld them up, this time with more experience the welds will come out prettier hopefully, and I won’t make the mistakes to grind them down, don’t think a track inspector would like to see that too much. Am planning on rewelding the plates in the back as well, just to give them a nice welding bead finish for track inspections, and not look ground down!

Here’s the whole cage installed!:)_MG_8567_MG_8569_MG_8564

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